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Die INTERGEO fand vom 5. bis 7. Oktober 2010 in Köln statt. Auch Wansor war – gemeinsam mit TOPCON – auf der Messe vertreten. Es folgt ein kurzer Bericht.

Fantastic result – Intergeo 2010 in Cologne

1. General result statement

More than 17.500 visitors in the 3 days of Intergeo in Cologne made the show again to the world’s most recognized survey and positioning show. Very remarkable is the growth of non german visitors to over 25% (three percent up again) and 500 exhibitors from 32 countries. That underlines also our efforts to establish this show as an international event. The general trend in survey was demonstrated by again an increase of mobile mapping solutions at many different booths Mobile Mapping is hot, and although there were many engineering protoypes, several companies like Trimble & Streetmapper are moving fast towards competitive and compact solutions. The terrestrial scanning business is moving again to next level with the new scanner introduced by FARO for 30.000 Euro and compact as a totalstation. In the low end and mid range business like totalstation and GNSS we see a very strong trend to Chinese manufacturers, last Intergeo 2009 we had 3 Chinese companies this time it was already growing to a little China-Town district.

2. Topcon Sokkia Presentation

“Your ticket to” After reviewing the last days the airport concept worked very well for the different product presentations and application demonstrations. The customer was easily guided through our complete portfolio of products and could find his special points of interest.

The airport lay-out concept worked very well and we got a lot of positive feed back from customers. All new arrivals were presented at the most prominent gates and the two brands were demonstrated as different lines under the same roof. Compare to other major players, we had many new instruments, concepts and software to show. Focus point and main interest were the new totalstations and the line up of IPS system, and also the GNSS product line-up which was improved significantly with HiPer II & GR-5.

Also on this Intergeo again, nobody was introducing a real competitive Instrument against our mega seller GRS-1 (we sold 84 units during Intergeo). Very well recognized was also our outside presentation of MC-Trailer and even more impressive were the 5 customers IP-S2 cars. We demonstrated that this is a product in the market and our customers are earning money with the systems, they bought from us.

3. Other market players

The highlight of Leica’s presentation was their new Imaging totalstation, so they are now following our technology trends and we believe that this will help us to sell more imaging systems in Europe. Still our system has a couple of advantages against the new Leica.

The presentation of Hexagon was very similar to the last Intergeo, they went even down to a very compact Leica product presentation, machine control was only a minor spot at the booth.

Trimble’s booth was again a huge mixture of several companies they have purchased in the past like Pacific Crest, Applanix, HHK Softhouse and the former Zeiss dealers like S+H, Sinning, Schultz. Trimble made a very clear focus on providing complete solutions; the right application software is critical for selling hardware, they did not show any new hardware.

A huge booth was build also by Trimble’s second brand Spectra Precision, the new Nivo line and Focus products were shown at the Spectra?/?Nikon booth, which was completely separated from the original Trimble booth and brand. Now the SP product range has an own look and feel compare to the first brand Trimble.

The number of Chinese exhibitor’s increased significantly compare to former years, still their real limitation is the distribution network and the total solution packages, means software solutions. The low-end and also mid-range market is clearly attacked by them. The company FARO was introducing a new scanners concept, small compact, easy to use and a the price level of a high-end totalstation. They made a very professional presentation focusing only on this new product.

4. Topcon Products and response

The QS and SRX series was very welcomed by customers and distributors, everybody got the confidence that we have one of the best robotic solutions in the market, so we sold the first QS systems to endusers.

The new tracking system, the new option with FC-25A and the new concept of the RC-4 will give us a very reliable and competitive robotic package and our is ready to attack the market with these new product features.

The HiPer II and GR-5 were seen as a continuous line-up development of Topcon’s excellent GNSS technology. Still our GRS-1 is outstanding and also creating totally new user groups.

Only during the show we sold many units, not count- ing the different tenders we won during the time of the show. Remarkable is also the trend of using our boards is different tablet PC`s like Mettenmeier, Getac (Cosifan), both are German companies. Topcon’s technology from the GRS-1 is very preferred in this applications.

Another high-light was the line-up series of our IP-S2 solutions, we sold various systems during the show and we have serious leads from potential new cus- tomers.


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